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DIY: V-Gap Mani

Here at 365HANGERS we’ve been obsessing over Nailside, and I have been wanting to try one of her designs for a while. The V-Gap mani is one of the more simple yet edgy designs so i decided to go with that.

 For this mani you will need at least 2 different colors and some tape. I used blue painters tape.

 Step 1: Paint on your base color. I used Urban Outfitters FOREST.

 Step 2: Place tape on your nails to form the v-gap.


Step 3: Paint your second color. I did a couple of coats to make sure I couldn’t see any of the base color through it.


Step 4: Let dry, remove tape, apply your favorite top coat and enjoy!

 Have you checked out Nailside yet?


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Marilyn 1:
Great idea!