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Pastels…Not Just for Spring Anymore

Pastels are no longer just for spring, they have truly worked their way into every season. The color blocking trend does not seem to be losing any steam either, but I know many people have reservations about color blocking with pastels. The most common remark; “I don’t want to look like an easter egg!”

It is a valid concern, but easily avoided. The trick to successfully color blocking a pastel shade is to pair it with a rich jewel tone. You can choose a complimentary color scheme (colors which would be on opposing sides of the color wheel) or an analogous one (colors which are next to one another on the wheel).

In this look I’ve paired a lavender sweater with a berry colored skirt. The colors which are side by side on the color wheel harmonize well.


Here I’ve opted for complimentary colors. Red and green are a classic combo with connotations of a different holiday, but when done with mint green and bright red they feel fresh and bold.


If you are willing to take the color wheel for a spin you can find so many pastel color blocking possibilities; such as mint and oxblood, lavender and emerald, and yellow and navy.


Which color combo will you try? Tell us in the comments section for your chance to win a $20 gift card at the end of January!

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Kaeli Rivera:
I am really in love with the sunny yellow color combined with the deep navy blue! It looks so sophisticated yet cute!